We Build Velocity

Infrequent deploys? Poor deployment pipelines? No continuous delivery? Uncertain how scale your infrastructure? Unstable production environment? We'll fix that.

We'll build your velocity with proven DevOps practices so you can focus on what matters: your customers.

What We Do

Our mission is to improve the software development with DevOps practices. DevOps establishes two important feedback loops: fast feedback from code to production; and fast feedback from production to code. This means improving velocity with continuous delivery and high value telemetry to quickly detect and resolve production issues. This where we come in.

Our expertise is deployment pipelines and managing production environments. We've got you covered from cloud infrastructure engineering, container deployments, serverless, and most things in between.

Sound like we can help? Weekly rates from $4,000. Setup a call to get started.

Technical Writing

Technical writing services available from $500 per post with fast turn around times. Available now. Samples below:

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Freebies & Open Source

Docker Project Boilerplate


Opinions, tutorials, and analysis on all things building, shipping, and running software.

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